5 Ways to Memorize Scripture 1

“Oh, you know, there’s that verse that says something like, ‘God works out all things for our good.’
If only I could remember what it says…”

Memorize Ways

I don’t know about you, but I find myself struggling to recall God’s word.  Most of us understand that it is important to memorize God’s word, but we make up excuses about why we can’t.  Truth is many of us don’t make it a priority.  We also don’t know how to memorize in a way that will help us remember it when we need it.

Here are 5 ways you can memorize scripture:

1.  Display it.  Write the verse(s) out on an index card, a sticky  note or a piece of paper.  Place it in a highly visible place like on your car visor, a mirror, your refrigerator or next to your tv remotes.  You want it to be somewhere you’ll see it several times each day.  Read it each time you see it.  Then try to say it without looking.

2.  Play a game.  Write individual words of your selected verse(s) on separate index cards.  Then…

–  Place the cards face up on a flat surface in word order.  Turn one card face down and then read the entire verse.  Turn each card over and recite the verse until all cards are face down and you have said the entire verse from memory.    -OR-

Scripture cards #1–  Scramble the cards.  Place the cards face up on a flat surface.  Move the cards to put them back in the correct order while reciting the verse.

Scripture cards #23.  Dramatize the verse(s).  Read aloud the verse using various vocal inflections, facial expressions and/or body movements. Emphasize important words as you recite the verse.

4.  Sing the verse(s).  Choose a recognizable melody that will work with the verse you have chosen.

5.  Incorporate a second language into your practice times.  A great choice is sign language!  Our family learns the signs for the key words of the verse(s) we are learning.  We then use the signs to prompt our minds to remember the phrases of our verse(s).

There are many other techniques you can use to memorize Scripture.  Try these or another.  Be creative!

Keep in mind these things when memorizing:

• Our minds remember things better when we use multiple methods of memorizing.  Don’t be afraid to combine techniques!

• Repetition is key!  It is difficult to remember something if you only look at it once.

• We memorize God’s word, not for a test, but for Him to use it through us to minister to others!  Work towards long-term memory!

• Find someone to hold you accountable to memorizing Scripture!  You’ll be more likely to memorize it in a timely manner when you know someone is checking up on you!

What is your favorite way to memorize Scripture?  How do you teach your children to memorize Scripture? Leave us a comment below!

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