Ancient Paths of Life from Genesis 6-9

God wants us to live intentionally and to walk with Him in His ways. We have been walking through these “ancient paths to life” in Genesis in our last couple of posts. Today, let’s look at Genesis chapters 6-9.

Ancient PathsTeaching our children to how to live will take intentional conversations with them about God and His ways. Have we stopped to think about how God would have us teach our children and grandchildren? Would he want us to teach them the ways of the world, or the ways of human traditions apart from the knowledge of the God of creation? In a lot of ways, we teach them by not being intentional to “teach”. We have become so busy with what life throws at us that we will either “hope” that someone will teach them, or never accept the responsibility that it is our purpose as parent or grandparent because other things are more important.

Genesis 6 tells us that God looked upon His creation and found that man’s intentions and thoughts of his heart, living apart from the knowledge of God, were only evil continually. This “grieved him to His heart”. I believe that He is grieved to His heart today.

“But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord”. We need to pray that we would find favor in the eyes of the Lord as we take responsibility in leading and teaching our families concerning the things and ways of God. We may feel like we are Noah and his family. They were the only people alive at the end of the flood and long, hectic days in a storm. We may feel as if we are the only ones teaching our children the things of God.

We can teach by pointing out the awesome things God has created. Begin with rain drops, thunderstorms, rainbows, and sunsets. God has put these things in our lives to remind us of His power and creativity. Over the last several weeks I have noticed how beautiful the sunsets have been. No two were alike, but all were pictures God painted with the sky, clouds and setting sun.

The animals that God puts within our view are opportunities to teach about God’s creativity. We have a small herd of deer that wander through our yard from time to time. I take these times as a special “gift” from a loving Father as He shows us His handiwork. We also see a red fox from time to time. This is another gift. More common are the squirrels, rabbits, and the many types of birds we might see.

This acknowledgement and enjoyment of God’s power and creativity is another ancient path that leads to life and needs to be passed on to the next generations.

Photo: Steven Dunn via