Ancient Paths in Genesis 3-5 that Lead to Life 1

Teaching our children to live life will take intentional conversations with them about God and His ways. These different aspects of blessing are only a small portion of God’s plan for our children to have life. Let’s walk through a few Scripture passages and find His ways, His ancient paths that lead to life.

Ancient Paths for Grandparents

Genesis 3:21 tells us that God provided a covering for Adam and Eve. This covering was made of animal skin. This “covering” implies the first shedding of blood, but by God, not man. Our grandchildren need to hear from us how God provided the perfect sacrifice for sin by giving Jesus, His son, and how His blood is the only covering for our sin and restoring of our relationship with God. God’s way to life is in His Son.

In the fourth chapter of Genesis we see another path to life. We see that Abel gave an offering back to God of the first fruit, first born of the flock. The first born was created by God and given to Abel and his family as a blessing, which is a fulfillment of the “be fruitful and multiply” of Genesis 1. We teach our kids and grandchildren that God’s paths of life will require giving back to God in gratitude, a portion of His blessings to us.

Chapter 5 of Genesis gives us the family tree that leads to Noah. There is one person mentioned to have “walked with God”. His grandson was Noah. There is not much information on Enoch, but we see a great deal of information on how God blessed Noah, and called him to do an amazing thing to fulfill God’s purposes. So, Grandpa, Grandma, this “walking with God” path to life is a must for us, so that our grands can live to fulfill God’s purpose in their lives.

Blessings to you this Holiday season.

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