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Get to Know Your Kids

Your child. You spend time around them every day. You sleep in the same house together. But do you really know them? The old saying goes, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” When sinners live in close quarters to each other, many, many opportunities arise to deal with sin, to be sanctified, and to train our children in […]

Parenting Courageously in a Fear-Driven Culture

Falling. Getting hurt. Not learning enough. Being “behind” developmentally. Causing a scene. Not fitting in. Not being happy. Fear. It lurks around every corner. In nearly every parenting situation, fear rears its ugly head. Will we succumb to its whispers in our ears? Fear drives much of our culture and even our economy. Marketing consultant […]

Dear Newlywed {a call to courageous marriage}

Dear Newlywed, You may have noticed in the midst of the “congratulations!” and flurry of wedding preparations that everyone –young or old, single or married– has a few ideas of what marriage is like. What it can and cannot be. Well, let me just tell you: there’s only One Person who has it right.   […]

A Call to Courageous Marriage

Fear or Faith 1

“God,” I prayed pleadingly. “Please do this. If You don’t, his faith will be shattered.” Ever prayed something similar, maybe for yourself? We ask God to do something, big or small, and then hope He doesn’t answer “no.” Because if He does say no, we just know our faith will crumble. Is that the truth? […]

5 Steps to Create a Habit of Repentance

Have you gotten to a point in your walk with Christ where you are going through the motions? Perhaps you are comfortable with your Christian routine. Maybe you lack zeal and just wish you could experience growth. It doesn’t have to be that way. When we trust Christ as our Savior, we receive His forgiveness […]