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Sharing Your Testimony When You Were Raised in Church

Scott looked at his youth group and said, “Tonight, we’re going to learn how to share our testimonies.” Kristie looked at Jeff and then looked away quickly as if something had upset her. Jeff tried to get Kristie to tell him what was wrong but she shrugged him off. When Scott opened up time for […]

God's plan

How to Discover God’s Plan for Your Life

Most people dream of making a difference in the world.  Many people pursue passions they have with such gusto that they leave family, friends and God in their dust.  Many are in the constant pursuit of finding ways to make their lives better. How have you been looking to find your place in this world? […]

3 Steps to Be A Witness for Jesus 1

A few weeks ago the church we are attending had an emphasis called, “We are Witnesses.”  The pastor was preaching a series from the book of Acts where Paul tells of the beginning of what we know as Christianity.  The members of our church were challenged to share with their family, friends, neighbors and co-workers […]

Sharing Your Testimony Using Deuteronomy 6 6

Recently I was listening to the Bible through an app called, which is produced by a ministry called Faith Comes by Hearing.  As an auditory learner, listening to the Bible has opened the scriptures up to me and I find myself observing things I have never seen before.  I know that God’s word is […]

Fear or Faith 1

“God,” I prayed pleadingly. “Please do this. If You don’t, his faith will be shattered.” Ever prayed something similar, maybe for yourself? We ask God to do something, big or small, and then hope He doesn’t answer “no.” Because if He does say no, we just know our faith will crumble. Is that the truth? […]

5 Steps to Create a Habit of Repentance

Have you gotten to a point in your walk with Christ where you are going through the motions? Perhaps you are comfortable with your Christian routine. Maybe you lack zeal and just wish you could experience growth. It doesn’t have to be that way. When we trust Christ as our Savior, we receive His forgiveness […]

Is Your View of God Stunting Your Growth? 2

A few days ago our daughter and I were driving to see my husband, Jaymi.  As we came over a hill, I noticed a cloud of fog settled in the valley.  I prepared to slow down in case it was difficult to see in front of me.  The second that we entered the cloud I […]

How Coaching Can Change Your Life Too

My mind was swirling.  Where would I start?  Where should I start?  I was so overwhelmed by all the thoughts in my mind that I couldn’t focus on any one thing.  I had so many different responsibilities to balance.  How would I focus enough on one that I could accomplish anything? Then I remembered that […]

Top 2 Things to Give Thanks for Every Day 5

It’s November.  You know, that month when everyone starts being intentional with verbalizing what they are thankful for. I’m glad we have a time set aside in our calendar to remind us to be thankful.  We are all sinful people who tend toward grumbling and complaining about various parts of our lives.  We’re just like […]

Find Spiritual Orphans

7 Places to Look for Spiritual Orphans

Adoption is a buzz word in many Christian circles these days. We know that the church is to care for widows and orphans. Hundreds of church families are doing what they can to care for them. There is a group of orphans that is frequently overlooked-spiritual orphans. A spiritual orphan is an individual who is […]