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4 Ways to Bless Your Child’s Future Marriage 2

Tommy ran to the door when he heard his dad’s car pull into the driveway.  He was excited to greet his dad and tell him all about his day.  What he wasn’t ready for was the fight between his parents that ensued shortly after his dad walked in the door.  Tommy had gone to his […]

Bless Child Marriage

3 Gifts for Your Marriage 1

Have you ever had a friend ask you if something he/she was experiencing was normal?  The other day my friend Jackie* called to ask me some questions about her relationship. Jackie* and her husband have been married less than 6 months.  She’s frustrated because she feels that she needs more time with her husband who […]

7 Principles of Healthy Relationships 2

Have you ever just wanted a relationship to be different? You and your spouse seem to struggle to stay connected. You want to experience a friendship that encourages you, but you keep losing your friends, and you don’t know why? Ephesians 4:25-32 describes 7 principles for our relationships with others. Paul was writing to the […]

Healthy Relationships


Definitions 1

One of the most difficult things to do in life is communicate effectively.  Understanding what someone is saying is crucial to communicating.  When my wife and I started dating, we would often ask, “Could you please define what you mean by that?”  Asking for definitions is one of the ways that we have learned to […]

What does your marriage look like?

Faithfulness is best modeled in marriage.  God paints a beautiful picture for us in Ephesians 5 of what our relationship with Him is supposed to look like.  God explains that in marriage it takes both man and wife to model faithfulness. If you are about generational discipleship, then your marriage must model faithfulness. In your […]

Marriage Model look like

Faithfulness starts… 2

In a world full of complacency and fear we find that church and society is being driven toward unfaithfulness.  It’s everyone for themselves.  An unfaithful society will drive culture further and further from God. Men, please understand the importance of your leading out with faithfulness.  If we want to restore the church, then men must […]

Faithful in an unfaithful world… 1

I know it is a bold statement to say that we live in an unfaithful world.  Honestly, when one really thinks about it, it is a completely true statement. Most people inside and outside of the church wait for the best opportunity for them on a daily basis.  If we don’t like the food at […]


What do you want?

Mark McPeak spoke on Friday afternoon at the D6 2012 Conference.  He approached the listeners regarding marriage.  A few of the highlights of his address were: – “Being right is a really stupid relationship objective unless you want to make someone feel  that you don’t care for them.” – “The relationship that God wants me […]