God created the family and the church to be the main vehicles for the discipleship of His people. We are honored to come alongside you as you partner with the families in your church.

We offer:


A list of ministries, websites, conferences and books related to family ministry in the church are located on our Ministry Resources page.


Do you want to have a vision of what God wants for your church in regard to family ministry?  Are you stuck and you’re not sure how to proceed in leading your church in the changes it will take to move toward that vision?  We offer coaching for ministry leadersContact us or call (281) 766-8337 to set up your FREE 30-minute discovery call!

Breakouts and Workshops

We enjoy teaching God’s people about His ways.  Your church may have an enrichment weekend planned for your members. Or maybe you are looking to equip parents during your DNow weekend.  We look forward to being part of the weekend you’ve planned as breakout or workshop speakers.  Here are some workshop topics that Rooted Families can offer you:

  • How To Become A Rooted Family
  • Making Dinner More Than A Happy Meal
  • Truth Talkers
  • Restoring the Years
  • Who Rules Your Nest?
  • The Heart of the Matter
  • Quick, Slow, Slow: The Dance of Relationships
  • In Season And Out Of Season


Retreats and conferences are great ways to pour into the families in your church.  They are an easy way to start building momentum.  They also refresh those involved.  We would be happy to work with you to design a weekend that benefits your church.  We enjoy speaking about personal spiritual growth, marriage, parenting and grandparenting.  The following are possible conferences we have designed for a weekend event:

Rooted Families Conference:  This conference is great for churches who are introducing and building the idea of family ministry in the church.  The session titles can include:

  • It All Starts Here
  • Multiply Your Marriage
  • The Great Co-Mission
  • Grandparenting For the Greats
  • It’s Never Too Late
  • Parenting with the End in Mind


Leaving a Legacy:  This conference is best for churches who have families who have already been introduced to the idea of family discipleship.  The families will have opportunities to consider the dream God has for them and how to take steps toward that dream.

  • The Dream of Legacy
  • Stuck in the Mud
  • Hurdles to Cross
  • One Foot in Front of the Other


Beyond These Walls: This conference is designed for churches who have been doing family ministry, but have noticed there’s something missing.  We have all been spiritually adopted by God and He desires that all people have an opportunity to come to know Him intimately.  This conference involves the entire membership of a church as they learn to “adopt” those who are spiritually hungry.

  • Spiritual Adoption
  • In the DNA
  • Eyes Wide Open
  • It’s for the Whole Family