We’re so glad you’re here!  We want to encourage and equip you in your journey to grow closer to one another as you grow closer to God!   We address 4 areas of growth for families: personal discipleship, marriage, parenting and grandparenting.


One of the things we have learned is that we cannot disciple others if we are not studying God’s word personally.  There are many resources across the internet to help you grow in your personal walk with the Lord.  We also offer various articles regarding personal discipleship on our blog.  If there are areas of your life where you feel that you could grow we also offer life coaching to help you get where God wants you to be!


The covenant of marriage is a blessing…  We desire to see your marriage grow as you individually grow in your relationship with God, but also as you grow as a couple in your spiritual life together.  Marriage is not about our happiness, but God uses our marriage to help us to grow to look more like Him. Here at Rooted Families we want to encourage you to study God’s word, pray, and serve God together!  We have various articles on our blog as well as other resources to spur you on in your marriage.  We are also available to coach you and/or your spouse (or fiancee) regarding how to grow your marriage from where it is to where God wants it to be!


Did you know that Deuteronomy 6 is explicit that God gave parents the responsibility to be the primary disciplers of their children?  Many of us have never had an example of what it looks like to teach our children about God.  We want to encourage and equip you to do what God designed for you to do.  We have many articles on our blog as well as other resources available to help you.  Don’t know where to start in this journey?  Have you been discipling your children, but you’re stuck in a rut and need some fresh ideas?  Set up a coaching appointment!




The legacy we leave doesn’t stop with our children…it lives on in our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  As a grandparent, you have a great opportunity to instill in your grandchildren a deep love for God.  We want to encourage you to find moments with your grandchildren to talk to them about who God is and what He has done in your life.  Here are some articles to embolden you in this journey!  Need some resources? Check out these!  Aren’t sure how to do this?  Consider a coaching appointment!