Top 2 Things to Give Thanks for Every Day 5

It’s November.  You know, that month when everyone starts being intentional with verbalizing what they are thankful for.

I’m glad we have a time set aside in our calendar to remind us to be thankful.  We are all sinful people who tend toward grumbling and complaining about various parts of our lives.  We’re just like the Israelites after God helped them escape the Egyptians at the Red Sea.  Three days into their journey in the wilderness they were grumbling to Moses about how he had brought them there to die.

Give Thanks

What the Israelites needed then, and we need now is a different attitude.  The opposite of grumbling and complaining is thanksgiving.  We need to renew our minds through the power of the Holy Spirit in such a way that we spend more time thanking God than we do complaining.

What do you find yourself complaining most about today?

The 2 Most Important Thanks Givings

God desires for His people to offer sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving to Him.  He desired this during the times of the Old Testament and New Testament.  He desires it still today.

We know that when something is repeated, it’s important.  There are at least 18 times in the Old Testament when this passage (or a form of it) is written:

Psalm 136:1Today, we need to give thanks to God for these 2 reasons:

1.  God is good.  God’s word tells us that He is good.  He tells us that He works all things together for the good of those who love Him (Rom. 8:28)  He created all things for our good and for His glory.  He cannot be anything but good.  It is His character.  It is who He was…and is…and always will be.

2.  God’s steadfast love endures forever.  God made an eternal covenant with Abraham that He would be God to him and to his offspring. (Gen. 17:1-10)  God knew that Abraham and his offspring would not be able to keep this covenant faithfully.  God still made the covenant.  If we believe in Him, He has made this same covenant with us.  He is faithful.  He will always be faithful.  His love for us endures forever.

No matter the circumstances that we encounter, we always have two reasons to be thankful.  Every day we can thank God that He is good.  We can thank Him that he is faithful, even when we are not.

What else can you give thanks for every day?

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