Coaching for Ministry Leaders

Rooted Families Coaching is for you if…

      • you want to enhance your leadership skills.
      • you want to connect more personally with lay leaders.
      • you seek to strengthen your ministry vision and mission.
      • you desire to have a deeper intimacy with God.

Are you willing…

      • to be honest about what you are currently experiencing?
      • to be challenged to “think outside the box” and try new approaches?
      • to invest physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially in a new season of growth?

 “The steps of a man are established by the Lord, when he delights in his way….”  – Psalm 37:23

Ministry coaching is an alliance between you, your coach and the Holy Spirit to facilitate your growth toward the life God has planned for you. We enjoy coaching ministry leaders like you.  We know that God has given you the dreams and desires to fulfill His purposes for your life, even if you don’t know what they are right now.

Together we will approach all of life from a Biblical perspective as you search your heart and overcome any obstacles that are keeping you from reaching your goals.

Ready to explore, discover and meet the goals to realize those dreams? Contact us or call (281) 766-8337 to arrange a time for your FREE 30-minute discovery call with us!


Your Rooted Families coaches…

Jaymi and Kara Blankenship desire to see you grow to become the person (and family) that God has created you to be…doing what He has called you to do.  They are currently being trained by the Professional Christian Coaching Institute.  Discover more about them here.