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How to Raise Strong Christian Kids

It seems like every week we hear reports of how certain products will help keep our children safe. We’re told to feed them this or buy that to protect them from injury. Our society has “guilted” us into believing that we’re not good parents if we don’t keep our children “safe“.   When my children […]

3 Reasons to Teach Your Child about Jesus

I know it’s hard sometimes to take time to teach my daughter about Jesus. I’m sure it is for you too. Those times when I think that it doesn’t really matter, God reminds me of one of three reasons why I do. 1. God wants you to teach your children about Him. Most often you’ll […]

D6 2013

By now, most of you know that the purpose of our website is to equip and encourage families to be “rooted” in Christ!  One of the ways that we continue to equip ourselves is by attending the D6 Conference.  This conference is designed to equip ministry leaders and others in how to impress a love […]

52 Creative Family Time Experiences

We are always looking for resources to recommend to parents who are trying to incorporate family worship in their homes.  We became aware of this book last fall at the D6 Conference.  We had the opportunity to get a copy for free if we would review it.  I’m so glad we did!  I definitely think […]

Are you comparing?

This was the third opportunity I have had to hear Doug Fields at D6.  God has spoken through him in different ways each time.  The theme of the conference was “Abide.”  Fields did not back down from this biblical principle either.  He summarized John 15 by saying, “God is the gardener, and we are just […]


What do you want?

Mark McPeak spoke on Friday afternoon at the D6 2012 Conference.  He approached the listeners regarding marriage.  A few of the highlights of his address were: – “Being right is a really stupid relationship objective unless you want to make someone feel  that you don’t care for them.” – “The relationship that God wants me […]

What’s the big deal?

“What’s the big deal about pornography?” was the topic addressed by Sean McDowell during the D6 2012 Conference.  You may be wondering why this topic would be addressed at a family ministry conference.  Well, it is clear that pornography affects the family. Did you know that statistics show that 42.7% of all internet users view […]

“Artificial Maturity”?

Another session at D6 2012 Conference was Emerging Technology and the Family.  This session’s speaker was Tim Elmore, founder of Growing Leaders.  He spoke about the “artificial maturity” of students today and importance of balancing our leadership. I was quite intrigued by his discussion of “artificial maturity”, and I’d like to discuss some thoughts I […]

Changing for the next generation

Mike Glenn, pastor of Brentwood Baptist Church in Brentwood, Tennessee, was our third main event speaker for D6 2012.  His topic was “Family Ministry Model and Young Adult Ministry.”  A lot of Pastor Glenn’s message for the conference revolved around his church’s experiences since launching a Young Adults ministry through their church on Tuesday evenings […]

Who’s your vine?

Dr. Richard Ross, one of the men that God has blessed me with in my life, was our second main event speaker for D6 2012.  He began with the teaching of four concentric circles in our lives.  The innermost circle starts with me. Next is my spouse. Third is my children. And, finally is my […]