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Strengthen Your Marriage and Family by Identifying This…

I have a dream. Do you have a dream? What’s your dream? Is it to live at the beach?  Or maybe have a larger family? Or maybe you have a dream to have the perfect marriage? (I hate to burst your bubble, but the only perfect marriage out there is the one that will happen […]

My Husband Doesn’t Complete Me…

Marriage is a beautiful gift that God has given us, and many people aspire to being married. My husband and I have talked about how thankful we are to have each other. We recently attended a marriage conference where we heard something taught that concerned us both. The speaker said that his wife completes him. […]

Dear Newlywed {a call to courageous marriage}

Dear Newlywed, You may have noticed in the midst of the “congratulations!” and flurry of wedding preparations that everyone –young or old, single or married– has a few ideas of what marriage is like. What it can and cannot be. Well, let me just tell you: there’s only One Person who has it right.   […]

A Call to Courageous Marriage

The Dance of Relationships

Quick, Slow, Slow: The Dance of Relationships 1

“Quick, quick, slow, slow…” “Quick, quick, slow, slow…” Patty whispered to Steve.  “Quick, quick, slow, slow…. That’s it!  Keep going!” Patty was teaching her son, Steve, the basic steps of the two-step dance.  She knew he could learn it, and she found herself thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to teach him.  He wanted to learn them […]

3 Steps to Strengthen Your Marriage During a Crisis

Thirteen years ago today the people of the United States experienced an unimaginable tragedy.  I was in my classroom preparing to teach 6th grade music when I was told that the first tower of the World Trade Center had been hit by a plane.  I sat in shock as the events of the day continued […]

Strengthen Marriage

Spiritual Intimacy in Marriage

6 Steps to Grow Spiritual Intimacy in Your Marriage

Many times my wife and I have set out with good intentions to do activities to keep our marriage growing intimately with the Lord.  Many start with good intentions and end by giving up, getting distracted, or starting something else. . We started our marriage with reading some great devotional type books for young couples-Lifemates, […]

4 Ways to Bless Your Child’s Future Marriage 2

Tommy ran to the door when he heard his dad’s car pull into the driveway.  He was excited to greet his dad and tell him all about his day.  What he wasn’t ready for was the fight between his parents that ensued shortly after his dad walked in the door.  Tommy had gone to his […]

Bless Child Marriage

3 Gifts for Your Marriage 1

Have you ever had a friend ask you if something he/she was experiencing was normal?  The other day my friend Jackie* called to ask me some questions about her relationship. Jackie* and her husband have been married less than 6 months.  She’s frustrated because she feels that she needs more time with her husband who […]

7 Principles of Healthy Relationships 2

Have you ever just wanted a relationship to be different? You and your spouse seem to struggle to stay connected. You want to experience a friendship that encourages you, but you keep losing your friends, and you don’t know why? Ephesians 4:25-32 describes 7 principles for our relationships with others. Paul was writing to the […]

Healthy Relationships


Faithful in an unfaithful world… 1

I know it is a bold statement to say that we live in an unfaithful world.  Honestly, when one really thinks about it, it is a completely true statement. Most people inside and outside of the church wait for the best opportunity for them on a daily basis.  If we don’t like the food at […]