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Memorize It! Mondays – Psalm 19:14

How many times have you opened your mouth to say something only to realize that you said something you shouldn’t have said? I have spoken the wrong things many times.  Our words can be used to encourage others as well as to tear them down.  God’s word tells us in Hebrews 10 to “build one […]

Scripture Memory Series

Memorize it! Mondays 1

Margaret went to the store one afternoon.  She needed to pick up a few things to finish her preparations for dinner.  When she arrived at the store she realized that she left her list on her kitchen counter.  Margaret knew she didn’t have time to return home for the list, so she took a piece […]

One Step at a Time 2

“I just can’t do it.” “It’s too hard.” “I’m too old for this.” “But, I can just look it up.” These are just a few of the excuses I’ve heard for why people don’t memorize Scripture.  What is yours?  Maybe it’s that you don’t have the time.  I get it.  Memorizing God’s word does take […]

7 Encouragements in Choosing Scripture to Memorize

There is no doubt that when it comes to choosing scripture to memorize it can be intimidating and overwhelming.  I believe this is because we over think and worry too much.  God clearly has asked us to store up His word in our hearts in Psalm 119:11.  Over the last couple of weeks we’ve talked […]

10 Reasons to Memorize God’s Word 1

Last week we posted 5 Ways to Memorize Scripture with the assumption that most Christians know why we should memorize God’s word.  We decided that it might be good to address the why for those of you who don’t know.  Many of you may be new to following Jesus, and we want you to be […]

Memorize Scripture Reasons

Memorize Scripture - Ways

5 Ways to Memorize Scripture 1

“Oh, you know, there’s that verse that says something like, ‘God works out all things for our good.’ If only I could remember what it says…” I don’t know about you, but I find myself struggling to recall God’s word.  Most of us understand that it is important to memorize God’s word, but we make […]