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5 Truths to Speak as Your Child Starts a New School Year

It’s that time of year.  Clothes have been bought.  Backpacks are packed.  Lunch boxes are prepared. Children all over the United States are going back to school. It’s an exciting time for most children and their parents.  For others though, it is a time that brings much anxiety and fear.  Will they have friends?  What […]

Truths as School Starts

Parenting Courageously in a Fear-Driven Culture

Falling. Getting hurt. Not learning enough. Being “behind” developmentally. Causing a scene. Not fitting in. Not being happy. Fear. It lurks around every corner. In nearly every parenting situation, fear rears its ugly head. Will we succumb to its whispers in our ears? Fear drives much of our culture and even our economy. Marketing consultant […]

If I Were Dying, I Would Want My Children to Know… 2

Maybe you know the plot line or perhaps you have lived it. The movie gets serious and the lead character finally admits that his misbehavior and wrong choices were a result of wishing he could have heard “I love you” from his mom or dad before they died. Then the plot twist happens, and the […]