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Fear or Faith 1

“God,” I prayed pleadingly. “Please do this. If You don’t, his faith will be shattered.” Ever prayed something similar, maybe for yourself? We ask God to do something, big or small, and then hope He doesn’t answer “no.” Because if He does say no, we just know our faith will crumble. Is that the truth? […]

5 Steps to Create a Habit of Repentance

Have you gotten to a point in your walk with Christ where you are going through the motions? Perhaps you are comfortable with your Christian routine. Maybe you lack zeal and just wish you could experience growth. It doesn’t have to be that way. When we trust Christ as our Savior, we receive His forgiveness […]

3 Patterns Not to Follow

“You’re being unnecessassy.” I heard these words come from our 5 year old just the other day.  You might be thinking, “Where did she come up with a word like that?” Well, you see, some of our family friends had come to visit.  Their two teenage daughters would say that phrase to one another when […]

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2 Steps to Easier Bible Navigation

How often do you find yourself fumbling through your Bible trying to find the reference for the Sunday sermon? Or maybe you were looking up several passages for a Bible study. Even if you have the helpful “index” tabs on the pages, it can take time to find the passage, and you don’t always have […]

What matters most…

Abide…  This was the theme of D6 2012.  Throughout the conference we were given opportunities to learn more and renew our minds as to what this means. When you hear the word “abide” what do you think?  I think “to stay put” or “dwell.”  Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as “to wait for,”  “to remain stable […]

Abide in