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Quick, Slow, Slow: The Dance of Relationships 1

“Quick, quick, slow, slow…” “Quick, quick, slow, slow…” Patty whispered to Steve.  “Quick, quick, slow, slow…. That’s it!  Keep going!” Patty was teaching her son, Steve, the basic steps of the two-step dance.  She knew he could learn it, and she found herself thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to teach him.  He wanted to learn them […]

The Dance of Relationships

Healthy Relationships

7 Principles of Healthy Relationships 2

Have you ever just wanted a relationship to be different? You and your spouse seem to struggle to stay connected. You want to experience a friendship that encourages you, but you keep losing your friends, and you don’t know why? Ephesians 4:25-32 describes 7 principles for our relationships with others. Paul was writing to the […]

Definitions 1

One of the most difficult things to do in life is communicate effectively.  Understanding what someone is saying is crucial to communicating.  When my wife and I started dating, we would often ask, “Could you please define what you mean by that?”  Asking for definitions is one of the ways that we have learned to […]