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3 Reasons to Teach Your Child about Jesus

I know it’s hard sometimes to take time to teach my daughter about Jesus. I’m sure it is for you too. Those times when I think that it doesn’t really matter, God reminds me of one of three reasons why I do. 1. God wants you to teach your children about Him. Most often you’ll […]

How to Teach Your Child to Pray 2

Last week we talked about why we teach our children to pray.  Let’s face it.  Most of us know why, but we don’t know how.  Below are 7 fundamental things about prayer that you, as a parent should be teaching your child, no matter what age.  Prayer is a part of our worship of God, […]

Why Teach Your Child to Pray 2

One of the first things that I was so excited to teach my daughter was how to pray.  Over the years I have heard some parents be perfectly happy with and encouraging others to just teach children a statement to recite as a prayer.  I assume their hope was that it would teach them the […]

Why Teach Prayer