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Sharing Your Testimony When You Were Raised in Church

Scott looked at his youth group and said, “Tonight, we’re going to learn how to share our testimonies.” Kristie looked at Jeff and then looked away quickly as if something had upset her. Jeff tried to get Kristie to tell him what was wrong but she shrugged him off. When Scott opened up time for […]

Sharing Your Testimony Using Deuteronomy 6 6

Recently I was listening to the Bible through an app called Bible.is, which is produced by a ministry called Faith Comes by Hearing.  As an auditory learner, listening to the Bible has opened the scriptures up to me and I find myself observing things I have never seen before.  I know that God’s word is […]

If I Were Dying, I Would Want My Children to Know… 2

Maybe you know the plot line or perhaps you have lived it. The movie gets serious and the lead character finally admits that his misbehavior and wrong choices were a result of wishing he could have heard “I love you” from his mom or dad before they died. Then the plot twist happens, and the […]