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The Blessing of a New School Year

The summer is flying by and school will be starting in the next few weeks for most of our children. We will be shopping for supplies, new clothes, etc., to make sure our children are off to a great start for the next year of their education. As I began to think about the hustle […]

Big Church

Taking Children to Big Church

I love talking to parents about what they are doing to teach their children about God. I had the opportunity to talk with a mom who told me that her daughters, who are ages 7 and 3, attend “big church” with her and her husband.  She said that when her youngest was two they began […]

Children Can’t Worship 2

On any given Sunday, thousands of churches open their doors to welcome people for corporate worship.  They do this because they have been exhorted in the Bible to meet together. For many of these churches, something is missing.  The children. I know this is a touchy subject.  I’ve heard several different reasons that families and […]

Elements of Worship 1

Most people think that the worship of God is something they only do on Sundays.  In my last post, I explained that I believe that we should be living a lifestyle of worship.  As we explore Scripture further, we discover that this is true, but there are also intentional times of worship that God desires […]

Worship is… 2

I’ve spent almost a week now struggling with how to write this post.  I really thought I could put into words what it means to worship.  I’ve discovered that I didn’t know how to express it.  What about you?  Can you finish the sentence “Worship is…”?  Sometimes the best way to define something is to […]